Welcome to our web-site – Here you will find weekly weather outlooks for Ireland, Four day world weather forecasts from around the world plus a hand-picked selection of interesting news from around the world.

If you go to our web-site you can see the most current and 4 day weather forecast for any city or country in the world by just changing the current place it is on in the section in menu bar which is at the top of our web-site and ‘called ‘current weather’.

We are called ”’Dublin Ireland news”’ because we are based in Dublin, Ireland but our News & forecasts are for the whole world via our web-site and news we have is random, interesting and world-wide.

We have breaking news, strange facts and many much more hand-picked news from all around the world that would interest most people in some direction.

In the forecasts that we put together ourselves and then looking at the results you will know the very latest updates on all outlooks of how the week will turn out with sun, wind, snow or rain, you will be sure to hear about it all here!

We always put our very best into everything we do for our followers new or old as best we can.

You can also contact us on private message via any of our social media pages or on our web-site and we always reply to everyone so feel free to do so anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Any news or weather that we post on our website here or social media pages are true stories or fact including the weather forecasts according to our viewers and us – as we have seen some websites on the internet not naming them but im sure you s can guess that does let people think its true or real fact when it is not at all, in other words meaning we are not an entertainment site but more so for education. well we are not here only for the views or just to try to make money like all websites are – we like to let our followers know that what we say is true and always will be because the most important feature in our website and social media pages is that we say only what is true and nothing else so do keep this in mind when you read our weather or stories.

‘Dublin Ireland News’ was made by an Irish man who was born in Ireland and lives in Ireland now, from me who made it happen we hope you like our very own weather forecasts that we don’t copy but other facts and information from around the world that we do source sometimes but otherwise the forecasts are our own word for word, thank you and most important let it help you and your family and friends combined..


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